flynn_the_cat: Close up on a white snake. (Snake)
flynn_the_cat ([personal profile] flynn_the_cat) wrote2012-05-02 07:12 pm

Because after much careful reflection, I decided that, yes, I DO need another hole in my head.

This is probably going to be a stalking account. Most of my writing urges are fulfilled over at Squidoo these days, except when I am abducted by an overwhelming desire to draw something (which you can see on DeviantART) the rest of my spare time is spent sleeping, at the zoo or reading. Or at work.

To actually follow me, I tend to blog random art, links and things over on Tumblr and Twitter (except at the moment because Chrome and Twitter are having an angsty break up). I have a sort of real blog here, but it's updated sporadically and randomly.

If you love my paintings uncontrollably much and hate actually having money, then I will kindly let you give it to me on Zazzle or Redbubble.